ComputePk (ascl:1403.015)

  • Update 2017-03-29: For the latest version of the code, please contact me directly.

  • Download

You can download the code here.

  • Citing the code

If you use the code for your research, please cite it as:

B. L'Huillier (2014), ComputePK: Power spectrum computation, ASCL:1403.015.

 You may use the following bibtex reference:


author = {{L'Huillier}, {B.}},

title = "{computePk: Power spectrum computation}",

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  • Description

Code to compute the density power spectrum in cosmological simulations. It uses MPI and FFTW-2.15. It is strongly inspired by N-GenIC for the parallelisation and from GenPK for the calculation of the power spectrum. So far it can read gadget format, but more will be available. It has been tested on Ng=20483Ng=20483 simulation on 24 nodes and performed well. You may chose NGP, CIC or TSC for the mass assignment. I personally use N3g=8N3pNg3=8Np3 for a simulation using N3pNp3 particles. Should you find any bug, please contact me.

The code has only be tested using Intel compiler (icc).

Release notes

  • Update 2016-06-13: the code was previously not accessible, it is now fixed

  • 2015-02-03: v 2.1.0. Fixed bugs related to Gadget with baryons

  • 2014-11-24: Upgraded to version 2.0.1, some bugs in the I/O of gadget files were corrected (Thanks to MinJi Oh). Please use the latest version.

  • 2014-11-21: Developpment of a RAMSES I/O module in progress.

  • 2014-05-12: The code was upgraded to version 2.0. The main change is that it now can deal with baryons (Gadget simulations only). ΩbΩb should be defined in the header (cf allvars.h and the README).