Cosmological Simulations

My main tool of research is the use of cosmological simulation to study the evolution of galaxies and their dark matter haloes with the large-scale structures of the Universe.

  • I have studied the effects of the initial conditions on the large-scale structures, such as the matter power spectrum, the halo mass function, or the distribution of the LSS (L'Huillier, Park, & Kim 2014). 

  • I have participated in the design and analysis of the Horizon Run 4 simulation (HR4, Kim et al. 2015).

  • I have used the HR4 to study galaxy evolution within their environment (L'Huillier et al. 2015, 2017a).

  • I have studied the effect of the primordial power spectrum on the large-scale structures at low redshift (L'Huillier et al. 2018).