Sharing data for more robust science

The following data are available upon request

Model-independent expansion history from the Pantheon SNIa compilation

Model-independent expansion histories 

h(z) = H(z) / H0

from the Pantheon compilation up to z=2.3

available upon request

(Shafieloo, L'Huillier & Starobinsky PRD 98, 083526 2018)

benjamin at kasi dot re dot kr

N-body simulations of non-power law primodial power spectra

In L'Huillier et al. (2018), we realized N-body simulations of different primordial power spectra. 
These simulations, carried in the framework of DESI, are available to the DESI collaboration.

Model-independent reconstruction of the expansion history

Applying the Iterative smoothing method to the JLA supernovae compilation, we reconstructed the expansion history h(z)H(z)/H0 in a model-independent way.

L'Huillier & Shafieloo JCAP01(2017)015[arXiv:1606.06832]