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ORCID: 0000-0003-2934-6243


  1. Rodrigo Calderón, Radouane Gannouji, Benjamin L'Huillier, David Polarski, "A negative cosmological constant in the dark sector?"
    PRD submitted [ADS][arxiv:2008.10237]


Journal articles


  1. Hanwool Koo, Arman Shafieloo, Ryan E. Keeley, Benjamin L'Huillier "Model-independent constraints on Type Ia supernova light-curve hyper-parameters and reconstructions of the expansion history of the Universe"
    ApJ 899, 9 (2020)
    [ADS] [arXiv:2001.10887]

  2. Jeffrey A. Hodgson, Benjamin L'Huillier,  Ioannis Liodakis, Sang-Sung Lee, Arman Shafieloo"Using variability and VLBI to measure cosmological distances"
    MNRAS Letters 495(1), L27  [
    ADS] [arXiv:1910.01105

  3. Farbod Hassani, Benjamin L'Huillier, Arman Shafieloo, Martin Kunz, Julian Adamek "Parametrising non-linear dark energy perturbations"
    JCAP 04, 039 (2020),  
    [ADS] [arXiv:1910.01105

  4. Benjamin L'Huillier, Arman Shafieloo, David Polarski, Alexei A. Starobinsky "Defying the laws of Gravity I: Model-independent reconstruction of the Universe expansion from growth data"
    MNRAS 494(1), 819 (2020) 
    [ADS] [arXiv:1906.05991]

  5. Ryan E. Keeley, Arman Shafieloo, Benjamin L'Huillier, Eric V. Linder "Debiasing Cosmic Gravitational Wave Sirens"

       MNRAS 491, 3983 (2020). [ADS[arXiv:1905.10216]


  1. Benjamin L'Huillier, Arman Shafieloo, Eric V. Linder, Alex G. Kim, "Model independent expansion history from supernovae: Cosmology versus systematics"
    MNRAS 485, 2783 (2019) [ADS[arXiv:1812.03623] 


  1. Arman Shafieloo, Benjamin L'Huillier, Alexei A. Starobinsky, "Falsifying ΛCDM: Model-independent tests of the concordance model with eBOSS DR14Q and Pantheon" 
    Phys. Rev. D 98, 0083526 (2018)[arXiv:1804.04320] [ADS]

  2. Benjamin L'Huillier, Arman Shafieloo, Dhiraj Kumar Hazra, George F. Smoot, Alexei A. Starobinsky, "Probing features in the primordial perturbation spectrum with large-scale structure data" 
    MNRAS 477, 2503 (2018), [arXiv:1710.10987], [ADS]

  3. Cora Uhlemann, Christophe Pichon, Sandrine Codis, Benjamin L'Huillier, Juhan Kim, Francis Bernardeau, Changbom Park, Simon Prunet,"Cylinders out of a top hat: counts-in-cells for projected densities"                                                                                                          MNRAS 477, 2772 (2018)[arXiv:1711.04767][ADS]

  4. Benjamin L'Huillier, Arman Shafieloo, Hyungjin Kim, "Model-independent cosmological constraints from growth and expansion"
    MNRAS 476, 3263 (2018)[arXiv:1712.04865] [ADS]

  5. Uhlemann, Cora; Feix, Martin; Codis, Sandrine; Pichon, Christophe; Bernardeau, Francis; L'Huillier, Benjamin; Kim, Juhan; Hong, Sungwook E.; Laigle, Clotilde; Park, Changbom; Shin, Jihye; Pogosyan, Dmitri, "A question of separation: disentangling tracer bias and gravitational nonlinearity with counts-in-cells statistics" 
    MNRAS 473, 5098 (2018)[arXiv:1705.08901] [ADS]


  1. Gong-Bo Zhao, Marco Raveri, Levon Pogosian, Yuting Wang, Robert G. Crittenden, Will J. Handley, Will J. Percival, Florian Beutler, Jonathan Brinkmann, Chia-Hsun Chuang, Antonio J. Cuesta, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Francisco-Shu Kitaura, Kazuya Koyama, Benjamin L'Huillier, Robert C. Nichol, Matthew M. Pieri, Sergio Rodriguez-Torres, Ashley J. Ross, Graziano Rossi, Ariel G. Sánchez, Arman Shafieloo, Jeremy L. Tinker, Rita Tojeiro, Jose A. Vazquez, Hanyu Zhang
    "Dynamical dark energy in light of the latest observations" 
    Nature Astronomy 1, 627 (2017) [arXiv:1701.08165] [ADS]

  2. B. L'Huillier, H. Winther, D. F. Mota, C. Park, & J. Kim 
    "Dark matter haloes in modified gravity: interaction rate, small-, and large-scale alignment", 
    MNRAS 468, 3174 (2017) [arXiv:1703.07357] [ADS]

  3. B. L'Huillier, C. Park, & J. Kim,
    "Ecology of dark matter haloes -II. Effects of interactions on the alignment of halo pairs",
     MNRAS 466, 4875 (2017) [arXiv:1701.04417] [ADS]

  4. Uhlemann, C.; Codis, S.; Kim, J.; Pichon, C.; Bernardeau, F.; Pogosyan, D.; Park, C.; L'Huillier, B. 
    "Beyond Kaiser bias: mildly non-linear two-point statistics of densities in distant spheres",
    MNRAS 466, 2067 (2017) [arXiv:1607.01026] [ADS]

  5. B. L'Huillier & A.Shafieloo 
    "Model-independent test of the FLRW metric, the flatness of the Universe, and non-local measurement of H0rd", 
    JCAP01(2017)015 [arXiv:1606.06832] [ADS]



  1. J. Kim, C. Park, B. L'Huillier & S. E. Hong (2015) 
    "Horizon Run 4 Simulation: Coupled Evolution of Galaxies and Large-scale Structures of the Universe",
    JKAS 48, 213 [arXiv:1508.05107] [ADS]

  2. B. L'Huillier, C. Park, J. Kim (2015) 
    "Ecology of dark matter haloes -I. the rates and types of halo interactions",
    MNRAS 451, 527 [arXiv:1505.00788] [ADS]


  1. B. L'Huillier, C. Park, J. Kim (2014), "Effects of the initial conditions on cosmological N-body simulations",
    New Astronomy 30, 79 [arXiv:1401.6180] [ADS] .



  1. B. L'Huillier, F. Combes, B. Semelin (2012) "Mass assembly of galaxies: smooth accretion versus mergers" 
    A&A, 544, A68 [arXiv:1108.4247] [ADS] .

White papers


  1. P. D. Meerburg et al. (2019), "Primordial Non-Gaussianity"
    [arXiv:1903.04409] [ADS]

  2. D. Green et al. (2019), "Messengers from the Early Universe: Cosmic Neutrinos and Other Light Relics"
    [arXiv:1903.04763] [ADS]

  3. S. Ferraro et al. (2019), "Inflation and Dark Energy from spectroscopy at z>2",
    [arXiv:1903.09208] [ADS]

  4. Scolnic, D. et al. (2019), "The Next Generation of Cosmological Measurements with Type Ia Supernovae",
    [arXiv:1903.05128] [ADS]

  5. Green, Daniel et al. (2019), "Messengers from the Early Universe: Cosmic Neutrinos and Other Light Relics"
    [arXiv:] [ADS]

  6. Rhodes, Jason; et al. (2019), "Cosmological Synergies Enabled by Joint Analysis of Multi-probe data from WFIRST, Euclid, and LSST",


  1. DESI Collaboration: Aghamoussa, A. et al. (2016) 
    "The DESI Experiment Part II: Instrument Design",
    [arXiv:1611.00037] [ADS]

  2. DESI Collaboration: Aghamoussa, A. et al. (2016) 
    "The DESI Experiment Part I: Science,Targeting, and Survey Design",
    [arXiv:1611.00036] [ADS]

Conference Proceedings

  1. S. Jang, B. L'Huillier (2019), Retracing Korea’s Ancient Skies: An Immersive, Interactive 3D Map of Traditional Korean Constellations in the Milky Way”. In: Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Ed. by J. Park, J. Nam, and J. W. Park. ISEA: International Symposium on Electronic Art, 2019. 618.

  2. B. L'Huillier, C. Park, J. Kim (2015), The rates and types of halo interactions, IAU General Assembly, Meeting 29, 2254583

  3. B. L'Huillier, F. Combes, B. Semelin (2011), Galaxy mass assembly: Mergers versus smooth accretion, Galaxy Formation: An International Conference.

  4. B. L'Huillier, F. Combes, B. Semelin, (2010), Galaxy Formation: Mergers vs Gas Accretion, SF2A-2010: Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Eds.: S. Boissier, M. Heydari-Malayeri, R. Samadi and D. Valls-Gabaud, p.11.

  5. S. Schanne, B. Cordier, D. Götz, A. Gros, P. Kestener, H. Leprovost, B. L'Huillier, & M. Mur (2008), The trigger function of the space borne gamma-ray burst telescope ECLAIRs, Proceedings of the 30th International Cosmic Ray Conference. July 3 - 11, 2007, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico, 2008. Volume 3, p.1147-1150.



  1. ComputePk: Power spectrum computation, ascl:1403.015



  1. B. L'Huillier (2011), Galaxy formation: the role of gas accretion, PhD thesis, UPMC

  2. B. L'Huillier (2008), Étude de la sphère autogravitante, Master thesis (in French), Université Paris Diderot

  3. B. L'Huillier (2007), Détection des sursauts gamma pour le satellite ECLAIRs, Master thesis (in French), Supélec & Université Paul Verlaine Metz


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