Passing knowledge to a new generation

During my career, I had the opportunity to teach different topics (physics, data analysis, cosmological simulations in different languages (French and English) and at different levels (Undergrad to Ph.D. level).


I gave a lecture on cosmological simulations at Kyunghee University, and  hands-on sessions on cosmological simulations at the Pyeongchang Summer Institute 2015.

I was also invited at the Indian Institute for Astrophysics (Bangaore) to teach cosmological simulations. 

During my Ph.D., I was a teaching assistant at the Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot. I gave tutorials in Physics and in data analysis for Earth sciences.

Cosmological Simulations


  • Nov. 2015: Invited lecture on cosmological simulations (PhD candidates), Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India. Theory and hands-on session with Gadget-2.

  • July 2015: Pyeongchang Summer Institute 2015, tutorials on cosmological N-body simulations using the GOTPM code: design the initial conditions, run the simulation, visualize and analyse the outputs

  • Nov. 2013: 1 hour lecture on cosmological simulations to undergraduate astronomy students, Kyunghee University, Suwon, Korea


2008 - 2011

Teaching Assistant, 

Université Paris Diderot

  • 2010-2011: Tutorials of physics, First year BSc students (L1) in physics, with François Vannucci: Hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, kinematics

  • 2009-2010: Tutorials of physics, First year BSc students (L1) in physics, with Sébastien Charnoz: Hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, energy

  • 2008-2009: Experimental work in mechanics

Data Analysis in Earth Science

2008 - 2011

Teaching assistant at Université Paris Diderot

  • Computing tutorials in data analysis with matlab, first year master's degree (M1) of Earth Science, with Olivier de Viron: Frequency analysis, statistics, least square methods, wavelets

Student Supervision

I am always happy to work with motivated students.

  • Dec. 2019~now: Supervision of Seung-gyu Hwang (Yonsei, Master): testing gravity with the large-scale structure

  • Summer 2019: Supervision of Sohee  Chun (Emory, Rising Sophomore): SNIa cosmology

  • Summer 2017: co-supervision of Summer Student Hyungjin Kim (Waterloo, Master): using redshift-space distortion and supernovae to constrain gravity